Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Upload MKV Videos to YouTube?

You videos must be up to 15 minutes in length, the place noted after you click the Upload link on the top of the homepage, unless mentioned otherwise. To acquire the unlimited upload time, Youtube will eventually review you account to see if you can be entrusted with it, delivering that your account had a history of complying with all the Terms of Use and Community Tips. In the meantime, you'll need to have videos in your account to qualify. Another way is to apply to the Youtube Partner Program, but they are qualifications you must meet ahead of applying.
1. Add MKV files into MKV Converter
Import source MKV files into converter by clicking Add button add icon or straight drag and drop. Batch conversions are supported, you can convert multiple files at a time. Click “File” to add video folder.
2. Choose Output format.
YouTube now support FLV, MP4, 3GP and WebM container formats which are encoded with H. 263, H. 264/MPEG-4 AVC format and VP8. Click “Profile” to select output format, you can choose FLV or MP4 here, things will be easier. For innovative settings, please click minor button just beside Profile, you can set basic parameters with regards to video and audio there.
3. Editing Video
Ahead of conversion, you may want to personalize the video, click Edit button. There are four options: Trim, Crop, Effect and Watermark. Remove unnecessary area and add a customize logo on the frame to generate output unique.

4. Conversion
After settings are done, click Convert button on main interface to start convert MKV to YouTube. After conversion, you could simply upload FLV video to YouTube website.
5. Upload MKV to YouTube:
Click on the "Upload Videos" icon in the upper right corner of the YouTube home page. Fill title, describe and tag your video, pick the acceptable category and language for your video.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to transfer files from computer to ipad?

Want to transfer files from your Windows computer to your new ipad? Searching for other software for transferring files to ipad tablet such as ipad, ipad2 and the new ipad? The following content will definitely show you how to transfer files to ipad on a Windows computer.
Besides from installing an iTunes on your computer to transfer files to ipad, another program named ipad transfer tool can also achieve this goal. Ipad transfer is a powerful tool that can transfer files from computer to ipad, Iphone, ipod and even transfer files between slides. It is much like an Itunes, but a little different from iTunes because it can directly transfer files from device to device and support transferring a sigle file.
To get started, you need first install the Ipad transfer on your computer.
Step 1: start the Ipad transfer
Simply start the ipad transfer and you will see the following interface.

Step 2: connect ipad to the ipad transfer
Connect your ipad to computer with a USB cable. The ipad transfer will automatically detect your device.
Step 3: choose the files you wanted to transfer to your ipad
Click “Add” button to import local files on your computer. You can input whatever video, audio or even DVD files. The iPad transfer is able to help you convert all these imported files to iPad supported format before transferring.
By the way, this ipad transfer also provides you some editing features for improving the video before you transferred them to your ipad.
Step 4: transfer files to ipad
Finally, you could click “transfer files to devices” to finish transferring files to ipad.

Tips about transferring ebooks from ipad to a new ipad

“Recently, I purchase a new apple ipad (ipad3). And now I wish to transfer the ebooks plus some programs from my old apple ipad to the new ipad. I truly don’t wish to utilize iTunes simply because I would like to transfer part of the e-books as well as programs to the new ipad. Is there any other application that will help me to transfer ebooks from ipad to a new ipad? ”
As iTunes can't transfer files from device to device, therefore lots of people begin trying to find alternate methods to transfer files from device to device. If you're one of them, then you are right here because this paper may suggest you a great application for transferring files such as ebooks from ipad to a new ipad, Iphone to ipad, Iphone to Iphone, as well as computers to ipad, and so on. This software bands ipad transfer. It may permit you to easily transfer ebooks from ipad to a new ipad.
To begin with, you'll need set up ipad transfer software on your pc. Mac users may obtain the Mac ipad transfer here.
Instruction: how you can transfer ebooks from ipad to a new ipad?
Step 1: link Apple ipad

Run iPad transfer, as well as link your devices to computer via USB cable. The iPad transfer may identify your 2 apple ipad devices instantly.
Step 2: choose files
All files of your old apple ipad will probably be shown on the left panel, and you will choose the Books library as well as view all books of your apple ipad on the right content panel. And you will pick the books you need to transfer to the new iPad through choosing the checkbox.
Step 3: transfer ebooks from ipad to a new ipad
Lastly click on “transfer files from device to device” button to begin transferring e-books.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Techniques to transfer DVD to ipad

If you wish to convert DVD to ipad for viewing the DVD films on your apple ipad and also don’t know how to do it, then you can certainly go through this publish simply because you'll get answers here. Obviously, apple ipad can't straight play DVD films since it doesn't have DVD drive. Therefore, to view DVD films on an Apple ipad, we need convert the DVD to ipad supported video format as well as transfer the movies to apple ipad.
What video format ipad may support?
Apple ipad may nicely support video formats such as H. 264, MP4, MOV, MPEG, and so on.
How to convert as well as transfer DVD to ipad?
Here a DVD to ipad transfer might help us to both convert DVD to ipad supported video format as well as transfer the videos to ipad, and even with the ability to transfer some other files to iPad lossless.
Obtain as well as set up the DVD to ipad transfer.
1. Link ipad to pc
Start the DVD to ipad transfer. And put in the DVD disc to the DVD drive and also link the apple ipad to your pc using a USB cable. Then the DVD to ipad transfer may identify your device instantly as well as list the device info in the left panel.

2. Rip DVD
Click on the “Rip Blu ray/DVD” button on the left panel to get into DVD ripping window. In this panel, you are able to click on “Load DVD” button to load your DVD source into the software, you may also load Blu ray source. Then all titles as well as chapters will probably be displayed in the list.

3. Edit (optional)
To better the output video effect, you are able to click on “Edit” button to get into Edit panel to personalize the files you choose. This software program has supplied you with trim, crop, watermark as well as effect parts for you to personalize.
4. Set output
Then you should select a appropriate video format in the drop down box of “Profile” You are able to select “Apple iPad - iPad H. 264 Video (*. mp4)”.
5. Transfer
And finally, click on the “Convert files to device” button to transfer DVD to iPad.

Ways to transfer pictures to ipad

In order to transfer pictures to ipad and don’t know how to do it, you'll be able to check out this submit as it provides you two solutions to transfer pictures to ipad.
Method 1: transfer pictures to ipad using iTunes
Transfer pictures to ipad can be quite a rather easy thing by making use of iTunes. To get started, you will need have installed iTunes on your Mac or perhaps Windows personal computer.
1. Making a folder made up of the pictures you wished to transfer to ipad tablet.
2. Connect your ipad tablet to the computer by using a USB cable. Launch the iTunes and select ipad tablet from the devices list.
3. Click on Photos library and also check the box next to “Sync Photos from” and select “Choose folder…”

4. Locate and select the folder you developed earlier made up of the images you would like to transfer over, select “Choose”
5. Simply click “Apply” to begin with syncing the photographs from the computer to iPad
Method 2: transfer pictures to ipad using ipad transfer tool
Different from iTunes, this ipad transfer can easily transfer single images and also files to ipad tablet while not have to sync all the files to iTunes before you transfer them to ipad tablet. Furthermore, this ipad transfer tool is significantly easy to use than iTunes. You will need install ipad transfer on your Windows or perhaps Mac computer before the transformation.
1. Launch the ipad transfer and also connect your ipad tablet to the personal computer by making use of USB cable. iPad transfer can detect your device and also show all the information of your iPad in the left panel.

2. Open “Photo” library, and also simply click “Import files” button and then pick your demanded images in the dialog box and also transfer them to ipad tablet directly.
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