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Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Features of iOS6 You might missed

  Apple presented the long awaited iOS6 update as the WWDC, the iOS6 would be available for iPhone, ipad and touch in the Fall. News about iOS6 had dominated headlines all the the week. Cook says the new iOS contains more than 200 new features. we need a closer look at this new operation system coming this fall. Here, I would like list some new features long awaited and also something you may missed.

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1.Siri Upgrade(New languages, launch apps)
ios6 siri
  With iOS 6, Siri gets a couple of distinct improvements you might find useful. First, because of the aforementioned changes to the Maps app, when you ask Siri to find a restaurant or gas station it will be able to literally help you find it with turn-by-turn navigation. Another aspect of Siri in iOS 6 that you’ll appreciate is the ability to open apps. What’s more, iOS6 would bring siri to the new ipad , Imagine, though, the new ipad with siri, tha’s so cool~

2.Apple Maps(turn-by-turn navigation)

apple map
  Apple is ditching Google Maps, and switching to its own home-grown mapping app. The best part about the change is that the new Maps app will include turn-by-turn navigation, Yelp integration, and real-time traffic updates. The Garmin Street Pilot app sets the bar pretty high, so it remains to be seen if the iOS 6 Maps app can live up expectations. But, there is no way to assign the Garmin Street Pilot app as the default, so it will be a vast improvement to at least have the default Maps app provide more useful instructions to get your from Point A to Point B. We hope apple map would get a big improvement.

3.A new Share screen

  In iOS 5, when you tap to share a photo, you get a long list of sharing actions to choose from—whether it’s posting to Twitter, sending an email or iMessage, or some other option. iOS 6 adds Facebook sharing as an option, along with sharing to various Chinese social networks. (That’s a nod to how important the Chinese market has become to Apple.) But Apple decided against cramming more buttons into that panel.
Instead, iOS 6 presents you with a new, icon-based sharing screen. It uses icons to represent the apps and services that you can share your content with and looks quite a bit like the iPhone’s home screen.

4.Call rejection

  Sometimes, you can’t take a call when your iPhone starts ringing. You can already quickly send a call to voicemail by tapping the Ignore button, but iOS 6 adds more powerful options for when you’re too busy to answer. When your phone rings, you’ll see a button on the screen akin to the new camera shortcut on the lock screen in iOS 5.1—a switch that you slide up to trigger.
  When you do so, you’ll see options to send the caller a message, or to remind yourself to call the person back later. If you choose to send a message, iOS offers several default options; you can also save custom responses. Your iPhone will then attempt to iMessage or SMS the caller with your note, while also sending them straight to your voicemail.

5.Spotlight tweak
  If you have lots of apps, sometimes it’s hard to figure out precisely which homescreen they’re located on. However, in iOS 6, Spotlight makes that at least a smidgen easier, by listing the name of the folder a particular app is nestled inside when it appears in the search results.


ios6 safari
  Apple has copied some of its competitors with some much-needed upgrades features for Safari. First and foremost is the ability to sync open tabs from Safari on a desktop to Safari on an iOS device via iCloud. This also requires OS X Mountain Lion, but still, it took Apple long enough. Opera, Firefox, and others have offered this for ages.

Finally, let’s check about the compatibility of iOS 6 for apple devices:

ios 6 ipad iphone
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