Wednesday, May 2, 2012

“The Avengers” ---- all-star game of superheroes

 Assemble the team of superheroes just like putting together all-star game ,you could enjoy kinds of heroism in a small space. More or less, there is a superhero to your taste. Joss whedon’s wisdom has catered to the preferences of main stream audience!
The Avengers
The Avengers  When I was a child, the “Avengers” cartoon is my favorite one for different kinds of heroes. On one story, our heroes would be sitting around a table needling each other about their differing opinion, they would assemble to beat back some threat from dastardly aliens.
  The balance that the films reached here, It’s an unwritten rule in the films that heroes have to fight together and get over some misunderstanding, when they first meet, so when Thor returns to stop Loki, he and Iron Man get into an impressive brawl. Despite their distrust of each other, and of the secrets that SHIELD is keeping from them, this group must somehow form a family, and these heroes are eventually compelled to join forces to stop Loki from using the tesseract as a portal for some very nasty would-be alien conquerors.
  "The Avengers" doesn't inspire confidence immediately, the editing of the opening raid's eventual chase and shoot-out feels choppy and confusing, and the alien with whom Loki argues early in the film looks straight out of a low-budget kiddie show. But editor knows how to write an ensemble, and when these larger-than-life characters start bouncing off one another, the witty repartee flies fast and furious, even in the midst of battle.
  More or less, "The Avengers" feels like the truest adaptation of the original one to the motion picture screen. It doesn't overstate or minimize or condescend in funs minutiae. Instead, it plays up the clash of personalities - and the simple act of acknowledging that superheroes can actually have personalities may be its boldest move - while never skimping on the popcorn thrills. It gives superhero movies, and even summer movies in general, a good name.

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