Monday, May 21, 2012

Reasons why you couldn’t missing battleship (For Missouri and for navy guys)

  I had enjoyed ”battleship” this weekend, some of guys have no doubt say this film off as a imitation of the “Transformers” when them get out of the cinema. However, I firmly believe that this one is Worth for a box queue up. The warm love time between Kitsch and Alexander absolutely win audience over in the beginning and then, we soak in a long time of fight and amazing action of the handsome navy guys which produce bright contrast with the warm beginning. What does really raise my heart is the battleship Missouri, when the Second World War navies come to the deck. When all of us shock by the high-tech weapon of alien’s battleship, I firmly believe the Missouri is the really super battleship in the story.  Don’t missing this story, you may see it as imitation, however, there are few reasons you couldn’t miss it. For brave navy and timeless Missouri.

Reason1: Big Action
bettle ship weapon
  To be a Navy battle films and fight with aliens, big action is absolutely necessary. Battleship does not disappoint. Director Peter Berg shows us all the visual stimulation we hope. The film shows the Transformers style alien ship that destroys an Air Force base and a few major cities, but the best action in the movies climax when the lone battleship goes head-to-head with the alien ship. It’s an explosion after explosion followed by a Titanic style destruction of the ship. I’m always up for good old fashioned explosions and pyrotechnics.

Reason2: Eye Candy for the Ladies& Gents
battleship actor

 Everyone will be happy about the cast because they are simply gorgeous. Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgård and Rihanna are just a few of the hot faces that you will see on the big screen. We’ve seen good looking casts before, but there is just something about this one that makes it all worthwhile.

Reason3: BIG GUNS
battleship missouri
  Throughout the summer you’re going to see some impressive artillery. "The Avengers" boasted plenty of hi-tech weaponry when it broke box office records. But "Battleship" brings a truly mind blowing display of firepower to the masses. The destructive force of the canons(16"/50 caliber Mark 7 gun)that the U.S.S. John Paul Jones and, later, the U.S.S. Missouri, are equipped with are astonishing, and the aliens ship’s various armaments are equally devastating as they rip through naval fleets and cities infrastructure. Pitted against one another, the result is an explosive spectacle worthy of box office dominance.

Reason4: Rihanna’s Acting Debut
battleship Rihanna
  Rihanna fans cheer up, because your girl has shown to the big screen. Her role as weapons specialist Raikes is small, but you will be glad to see that she is active throughout the entire film. She tries really hard to make her accent disappear and you can tell it was something she struggled with, but as her first film she wasn’t bad at all. She definitely kicked some alien ass, Boom!

Reason5: The U.S.S Missouri

  Leave the Missouri at the bottom of the list is not means that this one is inferior to ones above. On the contrary, I see it as the spirit of this film. Missouri is a milestone of our U.S navy the last and biggest battleships in the world. I couldn’t remember the last time it shows in the films, maybe ten more years ago. Without spoiling too much, we’ll just say that the greatest generation of military champions returns to an iconic vessel to save the day at the climax of the flick - a nostalgic nod to those who gave so much for our country so long ago. A Salute to America’s Heroes Young and Old!

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