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Friday, July 6, 2012

Movie review: The Amazing Spiderman -old story but never just a reboot

The Amazing Spiderman
    10 years after the release of the Spiderman of Sam Raimi, The Spiderman comeback this week with our expecting eyes. To be honest, I have no more expectation to the series films, however, when I walk out of the cinema, I have to no deny that the one name amazing spiderman really create something new. Considering the importance of evolution to this Marvel’s tale, sony sing the old song of the classic story and, meanwhile, did a creative improvements.

The amazing spiderman
    Familiar plot but not dull at all; Change is the Daily Bugle except for one small reference, and Peter is less an aspiring photojournalist and more an aspiring young scientist. Mary Jane has been replaced by Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy. Rather than an aspiring actress, Gwen is a bright young future scientist working as an intern at visionary scientific research company Oscorp. And Peter's parents have disappeared, apparently going underground in fear of a big secret being stolen or revealed. That secret, once discovered by Peter, drives the plot of The Amazing Spider-Man.
    The secret is a crucial algorithm developed years earlier, and it leads Peter to Oscorp, which was founded by Peter's father Richard and his partner Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans – pronounced Reese Ee-vans). It's while poking around Oscorp that Peter receives the fateful spider bite that irrevocably alters his existence, granting him superpowers and the ability to repay the jerks who've bullied him for years.
  The key to The Amazing Spider-Man is the strong, even distinguished, cast. Garfield makes a much darker, more brooding Peter than the wide-eyed Tobey Maguire. He's essentially a vigilante out for revenge against the man who murders his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen). Peter is also driven by guilt and years of being bullied at school. It's a potent mix, and Garfield hits all the right notes.
    Welsh actor Ifans is great, creating a strangely sympathetic villain in Connors. In addition to Garfield, Stone, Sheen, and Ifans, Sally Field as Aunt May and Denis Leary as Police Captain Stacy provide enough gravitas and emotional impact to counterbalance high-wire effects and blockbuster effects. I love Martin Sheen in everything he's done, going back to a bizarre early '70s made-for-TV movie called Sweet Hostage, and it's nice to see him – and Field – on the big screen.
The amazing spiderman cast
    I have a few quibbles, including Connors' too-abrupt transformation from good guy to monster, and the maybe-too-subtle resolution to the disappearance of Peter's parents. There was also too little exploration of the movie's real bad guy. (I can't reveal more without giving away plot points, sorry.) All would have added drama to the story, but these are minor complaints.
     All in all, the familiar story did an amazing reboot which different enough to the former one. To some extent, the one made unprecedented special achievement on the former series and did a improvement to make the litte dull story more active and full of feelings. When the movie is end and light on again, you will forget the one is a reboot and amazing for the excellent story.

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