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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Bluetooth Peripherals for Windows 8 Devices

    Windows 8 has been the hotspot of this summer, the released date of windows 8 OS would on October 26th, the same time as the release of tablet surface. Microsoft have confirmed this in its annual report. Win8 may not available yet, However, Microsoft have released new Bluetooth peripherals for surface and laptop running win8-touch mouse and keyboard. Micro seems preparing the ground to make the win8 success.
   The new Touch Mouse looks the most interesting its name suggests, it looks like a wedge of cheese. It is also with a small size, which while being a good fit with surface and other win8 mobile devices. The device has no scroll wheel; instead, the top of the mouse is touch-sensitive and supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling.
   This Wedge Touch Mouse uses Blue Track technology, allowing it to be used on different surface types, such as carpet and granite. There is rumor that surface would up to $1000, so it also won't come cheap at an estimated retail price of US$69.95.
windows 8  keyboard
   The other Bluetooth device is the keyboard. The Wedge Mobile Keyboard comes with a thick rubber cover that not only protects the keyboard, but can be folded in the middle to act as an adjustable stand for a tablet. The keyboard has a rubber-coated wedge at the bottom that holds it in place and also tilts it at a slight angle for better ergonomics. It's priced at US$79.95.
windows 8 devices

   By the way, things for win8 seems all take high price ~~  I don’t know who would take 140 bucks just for a tablet mice and keyboard. Price is the point of win8 devices and if the rumor about $1000-2000 surface price would come true, I really don’t know who well take it. Fortunately, Microsoft has declined to comment on the accuracy of these prices rumor.

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