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Samsung Galaxy S3 VS iPhone 4S VS HTC One X

Galaxy S3
Recently, Samsung has released the new generation flagship smartphone—galaxy S3 . undoubtedly, Iphone4S and HTC One X are the key rivals of this new one.The big three in the smartphone market, Which one wuould become the ture flagship of smartphone market?  Stefanie would like take a detail comparison here.

Processor chip: The HTC One X equipped a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor chip (some of those 4 cores plus an additional core type-things) clocked 1.5GHz. The Galaxy S3 introduces a new quad-core 1.4GHz nick called the actual Exynos four Quad, as the iPhone 4S has got the dual-core Apple company A5. Certainly, the A5 right now looks poor, despite as being a powerful 1GHz dual-core nick. All provide ARM's Cortex-A9 style,The Samsung's multitasking overall performance is demonstrated with a feature called Appear Play, that allows you to carry upon doing tasks inside a corner from the screen as you're watching a video simultaneously.

iphone 4s
Design: Such as the older Galaxy S2, the nicely designed S3 continues having a lightweight plastic material design as well as, while it's not going to appeal to any or all, it's just 7g lighter compared to iPhone 4S. The S3 weighs about a reputable 133g when compared with One By at 130g.

The HTC One X includes a new unibody style formed through rather awesome polycarbonate (super-lightweight using the ruggedness associated with metal, based on HTC). As you'll without doubt be conscious, the apple I phone 4S continues using the glass as well as aluminium outer shell we very first saw within 2010's apple I phone 4.

Display: this is where the One X and S3 truly mark on their own apart. The one X includes a 4. 7-inch, IPS (absolutely no OLED) 720p HIGH DEFINITION screen (1,280 by 720 quality) – it has a pixel density round the 312ppi, compared towards the 3. 5-inch 960 by 640 retina display about the iPhone 4S that clocks within around 329ppi.
Incredibly, the Galaxy S3 may be the poor connection here (barely) along with 306ppi about the 4.80-inch Extremely AMOLED show. It's exactly the same HD res since the One By. The I phone 5 will definitely have a few work to complete to capture up when it is no question released afterwards this 12 months.

OS: Each Android mobile phone models feature Google android 4. 0 Glaciers Cream Sandwich as the The apple iphone 4S operates iOS 5. The Galaxy S3 includes Android 4.0 to become precise. The HTC One X includes the Feeling 4 overlay. This includes HTC Image Sense, a new suite of camera and imaging features that speeds up image-taking. HTC states it's prepared to take a photograph in 0.7 mere seconds and autofocus within 0.2 seconds, plus you may also take pictures while capturing video. The browser within the X additionally supports Adobe Expensive.
As you'd probably expect, you nevertheless get Samsung's Touch Wiz overlay within the S3, albeit having a totally brand new and decluttered appear. Samsung reckons it's been inspired naturally with this particular release (very why, we're unsure) but as possible see right here, there's lots of water rippling close to. As along with HTC along with Sense, Touch Wiz is among the key methods Samsung believes it may differentiate by itself from additional manufacturer's Google android handsets.

galaxy x3 camera
camera: The HTC One X, iPhone 4S as well as Galaxy S3 cameras are 8MP models with complete 1080p movie. The supplementary cameras within the X is actually 1. 3MP and also the S3 is actually 1. 2MP, both support 720p movie. The entrance camera about the 4S is actually VGA.

Storage and memory: The HTC One X functions 32GB associated with internal storage with no micro SD greeting card slot. The S3 will come in 16, 32 as well as 64GB such as the iPhone 4S but comes with a micro SD position (while you probably understand, there's absolutely no slot within the iPhone 4S). The HTC as well as Samsung mobile phone models have 1GB associated with RAM as the 4S sticks using the meagre 512MB.
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  1. Difficult to choose but prefer HTC One X, because it has a High definition screen and the best camera.

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