Sunday, June 24, 2012

Surface VS ipad (Is Surface ipad killer?)

  Since the surface released by Microsoft earlier last week in California, Surface become the biggest rival of Apple’s ipad. Microsoft's competition in the tablet space is fierce, and seems no devices are as fearsome as iPad. However, the Surface seems want to do something in this dark market.  The Surface has two versions: one with a ARM processor and running Windows RT, the other with an intel Processor and running windows8. Although the price and exact release date of the “ipad killer” have yet to be announced, we have reason to believe that the surface would have a giant even revolutionary effect on the tablet market. Now, Let's come back to the main topic, is Surface really better than ipad and to be a ipad killer?  Here, Let’s check the unique features of surface.

surface keyboard  A frustration for many users of the iPad and other touchscreen devices is the keyboard. While it's possible to get somewhat proficient at tapping spots on a flat screen, most acknowledge it's impossible to get e-mail and other documents written as quickly as with physical keys. Sure, there are third-party keyboards you can buy to add onto the iPad, but they can be clunky. The Surface keyboard will be part of its Touch Cover, which is connected with magnets and flips open. There will be a version with pressure-sensitive flat keys and another with more traditional raised keys called a Type Cover. They're both sleeker and thinner than the third-party offerings for the iPad. The Touch Cover is 3 millimeters thick, and the Type Cover is 5 millimeters. And for the style-sensitive among us, they'll come in a variety of colors, including black, pink, red and blue.

2.USB ports
  Both versions of the Surface come with USB ports (2.0 on the RT and a faster 3.0 on the Windows Pro). The lack of ports has been one of the few persistent complaints about the iPad. These ports open up the possibility of extra storage, printing and other external capabilities that should be easier and quicker than the workarounds iPad users need involving cloud storage, Wi-Fi connections and the like.

3.Digital Ink And Stylus
  Microsoft designed the Windows 8 Pro version of the Surface tablet to accept stylus input. The company's demonstration of how the digital ink works gave the impression that writing, highlighting and underlining on the tablet is easy. Writes Slash Gear, "The distance between the screen (digitizer) and the stylus is only .7mm thick, and allows for it to be highly accurate, making you feel like the ballpoint of a pen is actually writing on the 'surface.'"

4.Options For Casual And Power Users
  Before picking up a Surface tablet, potential buyers should consider which version best fits their needs: The Windows RT version, a more traditional tablet that's slim and light and performs basic tasks -- with a presumably iPad-like price tag; or the Windows 8 Pro configuration, a slightly beefier and slightly pricier tablet that's more closely related to a laptop and capable of running heavy-duty software. Surface tablets running Windows RT are built around an ARM processor. According to CNN, chipsets made by ARM are found in 95 percent of other mobile devices, including the iPad. Windows 8 Pro models are built around an Intel chip and will run applications that one would expect to find on traditional laptops: Photoshop, Word, and Excel.

  Apple has made such a compact, stylish tablet that many of its competitors look chunky by comparison. That's not true of the Surface, at least as it was demoed Monday. First, its display screen is 10.6 inches, almost a full inch bigger than the iPad's. And the company says it's optimized to have essentially the same dimensions as a movie screen: So, farewell black bars when watching video. The Surface for Windows RT is a fraction of a tiny thinner than the iPad (9.3vs.9.4), while the heftier Surface for Windows 8 Pro will be 13.5 millimeters. The RT weighs virtually the same as the iPad, while the Pro will be around 2 pounds.

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