Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7 Website for Enjoy Free Movies

   Lazy summer's weekend, lying on sofa, hold your laptop or ipad and some free movies  on the net. For a movie funs like me, nothing in the world was like this. You may think that this may illegal, why not? Just to enjoy movie by yourself at home, no big deal. Today, I would like share some free movie website here, I have try everyone, no problem. Just for love for movies and movie funs like you and me.

1.NyooTV (

free movie website

  It a site for Bollywood movies funs, For close two years, Bollywood did a well job in love films and other Hindi films. (

free movie website

   You could found most of popular movies here, from 1950s to now. Download or enjoy online are no problem. Absolutely a hot one ~~~

3.Asian Horror Movies (

free movie website

    For horror Movie funs, most of films in the site are Asia story(Korea, Japan and China). I don’t like horror movies, so know less about this website. (

free movie website

   It’s a multimedia share website, you could search kinds of web resources here, music, movies and pic and something else. Not so much movie resources, but you may get someone interesting here.

5.Crackle (

free movie website
   Just fine, all videos on the Crackle website are free for you to watch directly without downloading, but there are ADs in them. Most of them are old one.

6.Hulu (

free movie website

    Really a amazing one in this list, I love the site so much…Too many goods Needless to say.
Strongly recommend!

7.Tubeplus (

free movie website
     Not only provide movies and TV show, but also have bundles of reviews and trailers. What’s more it’s DMCA.

   Sure, maybe you need convert movie format for ipad or other devices of you, check the following website, it could help you!

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