Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Do You Want Make Titanic 3D by Yourself?

Titanic is a American romance and disaster movie written and co-produced by James Cameron which hint the box office around the world .Recently, The box office prospects of James Cameron's latest work, Titanic 3D, have been the most discussed topic among theater managers . It‘s not surprisingly as this amazing masterpiece , three-dimensional reconstruction of the famous but ill-fortuned ship that sank on its maiden voyage 100 years ago. 

The romance classic for 3D have launched recently, and you could enjoy the fantastic 3D film in theaters. Alternatively, if you a pure Titanic funs like me and still keep your old Titanic DVD, you could also enjoy the 3D Titanic on your pc or even smart phone.  All you need is a software for rip our Old dvd to 3d film. There is a download link:LeawoDVD Ripper
So, How to do it ?
There is the step-by-step guide for you:
Step1: Load DVD
Running 2D DVD to 3D AVI Converter, click “Add” to import DVD files from DVD disc to the program. Then, you can choose subtitle, audio and angle in the corresponding column.

Step2: select 3D effect as your need
Click “3D” button on the menu bar to choose 3D effect. In the 3D panel, you can choose 3D effect according to your device or 3D glasses you use, and then set the 3D Depth and preview 3D effect.

Step3Select the output format
Then return to the home interface and in “Profile” frame, choose the output format you need . Here I choose AVI as the output format. Various AVI formats with different parameters are provided for you to choose from.
Step4. Convert 2D to 3D AVI video
Click “Convert” button to start to convert 2D to 3D AVI video. While the conversion is finished, open the files and transfer 2D DVD in 3D AVI to your device for enjoyment.

Now you have done it and you could enjoy the 3D masterpiece made by yourself !

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