Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ipad mini~ rumors would come ture

Accoring to Macotakare, 2013 is a year for tabblet and the lasstest rumors point to the eventual advent of an ipad with small size ,this is the ipad mini. rumor about ipad mini have never fade away since 2009 . After the release of the New Apple iPad or iPad 2.2 last month, now Apple is said to be planning to launch a 7.85-inch iPad this Fall. Analyst are saying that Apple is planning to take on the Windows 8 Tablet that will be launched in the third quarter of the year. Could its be really?
ipad nini
Tablet market away been monopoly by ipad.According to the survey,92% of U.S. tablet buyers considered an iPad, and 89% bought an iPad, which means 97% of tablet buyers who merely considered an iPad bought an iPad. As it turns out, the only way to beat Apple: Compete in a market where Apple isn't present. The most successful tablet not named iPad appears to be Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire, which sold about 4.7 million units in Q4 2011, according to IDC. There's the reason why Google and Asus will introduce a 7 inch tablet with co-borad that will be priced in $200 range.
7 inch,$200 tablet market has become bigger and bigger,it's undoubtful that apple will do someething . A smaller ipad is imperative .
Here are reasons why iad mini isn't a rummor but fact this time

The new ipad is too heavy for hand in
At 652 grams, the new ipad is too heavy for reading in hand , 400 grams range ipad is better suited for handing in reading.
Cost Less
The new iPad priced at $499. That's about $400 from the ideal consumer price point for truly mass-market consumer electronics. With the iPad 2 priced at $399, the iPad Mini might be offered for as little as $299 or $250--it would have to be under $300 to woo customers away from Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire.
Fits Many WorkScenarios Better
ometimes, a 9.7-inch iPad is well-suited for business use. It's perfect for placing self-service orders at sandwich shops, a use-case that's becoming surprisingly common in San Francisco. But it's a bit bulky for those waiting tables or engaged in other business activities where data entry doesn't have to be made consumer-friendly with a big screen and stupid-proof UI.
A huge mature market
The late Steve Jobs dismissed 7-inch tablets as unworkable for adult fingers. "Apple's done extensive user-testing on touch interfaces over many years, and we really understand this stuff," he said.However, Jobs was not infallible. The market has spoken and sub-10-inch tablets are selling. Kindle Fires and Nook tablets are in demand. Samsung last month said it had sold some 5 million of its 5.3-inch Galaxy Note devices--dubbed "phablets" by some for being neither phones nor tablet.

Ipad mini is must being,the problem is time, just waiting for it.

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