Thursday, April 26, 2012

Top 5 Video Converter for Mac

  Confused about tons of video converter on the net? Hard to get a powerful one for Mac? Don’t kown which one is suitable? Here, Stefanie list top 5 video converter on Mac for you. One or the other would fulfill your requirements!

No.1 Leawo video converter for Mac

leawo video converter
 This video converter offers users a variety of choices while including a simple interface and fast conversion speeds. Users have the ability to convert videos and audio files to a number of a supported file formats and play these files on any portable device. Features like renaming the destination file and batch conversion help users save time by keeping their videos organized. When selecting videos or audio to convert, users are offered a multitude of choices to ensure satisfaction. Users can choose the quality desired, and configure the settings for specific types of video output. Users are also able to control the types of codecs and resolution that is needed for the final product. This video conversion software has made the task simple by allowing users to apply their settings to multiple videos with one click. The conversion process is simple and can be completed within a few easy clicks.
Download Leawo video converter

No.2 Any video converter

 This program offers a simple layout that allows users to convert videos in one click. Users are able to preview videos and also edit them before they change it to the file format needed. This program has many capabilities and supports AVIs, FLGs, MP4s, MPGs. Users can convert videos to use on the iPhone, television, websites, and many other output devices. The library allows users to manage videos easily and quickly while storing them all in one place. Videos can also be edited by using the time section, so users can get the parts they need for different projects. There are also other useful features such as taking snapshots, and the ability to adjust volume levels for audio. Any Video Converter also allows users to paste websites into the program which means it can convert videos directly from the web!

No.3 Mac video converter

 Mac video Converter offers a simple design and allows users to choose multiple files to convert at one time. Users can handle the conversion by stopping, pausing, or continuing as thier want. This program also offers users the ability to preview videos before conversion, and comes with several powerful editing features to enhance the viewing experience. These features include the ability to add a watermark to videos, crop the size of the video, and clip out specific sections. This program even allows users to add subtitles, and offers support for a wide variety of file formats. Mac Video Converter makes this a simple process by having users click the video they wish to convert, select the desired output format and folder, edit the video, and click the button to convert. Users can also make changes to the audio from these files and even extract it so it can be used without the video.

No.4 Prism Video converter

 This is another great program that allows the user to have control over the video that is produced. Users have control over several options such as the compression rate, resolution, frame rate, and the type of encoder that the program uses. Users can also set the output size for the video and preview it before conversion. Prism Video Converter uses the DirectShow codec which allows users to choose from several types of file formats such as AVIs, MPGs, VOBs, and many more. With batch conversion users can save time by converting several files at once. To convert a video, users simply add the video desired, select their destination folder, choose the file format, and begin converting. Users can right click on files to find additional information and have access to a trial before buying the software. This program costs $34.40 and offers fast conversion times so users are not stuck waiting to enjoy their videos.

No.5 Kigo m4v Converter

 This video converter is capable of taking M4Vs and removing the DRM protection so they can work on various file formats that are not protected. This means that users can take videos off their iTunes library and convert them for use on other systems. M4V Converter supports a wide variety of devices, and can convert any M4V file with ease. This program also allows users to extract the audio from M4Vs files and convert them to other file formats. Users can save time by utilizing the preset features for certain formats or make changes to the settings for additional uses. This program keeps track of chapter listings, and allows users to save time by selecting batch conversion for multiple files. Users can have access to high quality videos without spending hours waiting since M4V converts videos quickly. M4V Converter offers a simple design that makes it easy for users to quickly convert videos and audio with a few clicks.

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